14 November 2023

For their innovative marketing efforts, RE/MAX of Southern Africa – in partnership with Mark1, Innovocean, AdMakers International and Hivestack – won Gold at The Wires in London for Best Use of Digital Out Of Home.

The award was won based on the brand’s Anamorphic pDOOH billboard campaign that ran at the V&A Waterfront mall in November 2022. The anamorphic programmatic format was a first for both the DOOH industry and South Africa – not to mention the rest of the world.

“Thank you again, RE/MAX SA, for being brave enough to pioneer Anamorphic pDOOH with us,” says André Steenekamp, Head of Media at Mark1.

Vicky Goslett, Co-Regional Owner and CMO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, says that is an honour to receive this award. “Thank you to Mark1 and the rest of the team for helping us to pull off such a ground-breaking marketing campaign.”

“When Mark1 first proposed that we use 3D animation to bring the RE/MAX hot air balloon to life, we were delighted at the prospect. The novelty of having a giant hot air balloon floating in the middle of the mall was something that we hoped would create a long-lasting impact on those who happened to pass by,” she adds.

And a long-lasting impact it certainly did create. So much so that the global digital award company, The Wires, awarded the campaign the Gold award at their event in London held on the evening of 09 November 2023.   

“We are thrilled at this accomplishment and hope to launch many more award-winning marketing campaigns in the years to follow,” Goslett concludes.


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